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Wireless Infrared Security Camera

The most effective choice for a 24 hours surveillance of your company site, office or private home is to install a Wireless Infrared Security Camera. A wireless outdoor security system is easy to set up and you are able to monitor your property from where ever you are during day and night.

Outdoor Infrared Security Cameras

With outdoor infrared LED technology a night security camera is able to cover 7 - 15 meters, more professional Outdoor Infrared Security Cameras - with multi cable connections - are able to cover up to 30 meters in darkness or shadow areas. On your surveillance monitor you can see all outdoor surveillance in black-and white images, similar to night vision glasses.

Today infrared surveillance technology increases the range of wireless infrared security cameras - so your home security and the protection of your property has never been better. An Outdoor Infrared Security Camera provides deterrence against burglaries.

Wireless Infrared Security Camera Zoom

Weatherproof and water resistant casing, manufactured from aluminium or metal protect wireless infrared security cameras for outdoor installation. Indoor surveillance cameras can be hidden in little dome casings at the wall or under the ceiling (Dome Cameras).

Other options are wireless infrared security cameras inside smoke detectors dummies or behind wall clocks.

For detailed surveillance Infrared Security Camera Zoom provides a closer look. With special features you are capable to zoom into the observed night scene. Invisible to the naked eye, intruders will not suspect that they are being monitored. With an Infrared Security Camera Zoom you can record their actions from a close distance and can catch them before the clean out your house.

Keep tabs on far distanced areas and premises, that lie in the shadow with an outdoor infrared security system. Using wireless outdoor security cameras with infrared LED technology you gain the advantage to have an eye on your home from any place, even on vacation. With Mini Wireless Spy Cameras and Wireless Security Cameras you can monitor your property via internet access. With infrared security camera zoom you have always a close eye on your precious property - where ever you go. Besides recording and transmitting a surveillance video, these security systems are also able to trigger a loud alarm, bright lighting or send a signal to the nearest security guard.

A basic Security Camera Set includes 4 cameras with infrared technology and a receiver. To monitor all activities recorded by your outdoor infrared security cameras, special surveillance camera software provides simultaneous observation. Besides on a surveillance monitors with audio/video features you can watch your recordings on laptops, LCD-monitors, an even TV-screens. Either you switch automatically all 5-6 seconds to a different mini security camera with integrated interval functions of your camera software or you monitor all surveillance sites on a single overview screen.

Infrared Security Camera Zoom | Infrared Surveillance protects night and day

Wireless Infrared Security Cameras  : Summary

  • Wireless Infrared Mini Security Camera (Infrared Spy Camera)
  • day and night home surveillance
  • record and catch intruders that don't suspect being monitored
  • access a wireless infrared security camera from every where
  • have a close eye on the scene with infrared security camera zoom
  • for premises that lie in the shadow install outdoor infrared security cameras
  • Infrared Mini Security Camera
  • about 5 x 5 x 6 cm / 1.9 x 1.9 x 2.4 in
  • starts at US$ 100.-
Outdoor Infrared Security Cameras for effective Video Surveillance

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