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Mini Wireless Spy Cameras

For perfect protection of shops, companies, or private properties we advice to install mini wireless spy cameras that can easily be accessed from any remote receiver. Hidden surveillance with mini spy cameras helps to increase home security effectively and allows to monitor your property from any place, even from far away business trips.

Install a Wireless Mini Spy Camera

Wireless Security Cameras and Micro or Mini Wireless Spy Cameras are easy to install and you are very flexible in positioning these surveillance systems. Hardware stores for alarm and home security systems offer daily life articles like e.g. clocks, flowerpots, picture frames, or toys where there is already a mini wireless spy camera hidden inside. You simply position this surveillance equipment near the area you want to observe, set up the receiver and your surveillance monitor and watch what your wireless spy cam is transmitting.

Mini Wireless Spy Cameras

To install a Wireless Mini Spy Camera by yourself you have to find the best position so the observation angle covers a wide area and no objects block the sight. If you choose the ceiling to install your wireless spy camera, the best place to hide the cam is inside lamps or smoke detectors. Manufacturers for home security supply offer wireless spy cams already integrated in smoke detectors and detector dummies.

To place a mini spy camera in walls, shelves, or door we advice to use a pinhole camera or the little bigger model of mini spy cam for wood panels. The installation is really simple. Just drill a tiny hole in the wall, where you place the pinhole cam. It's a good advice to place the camera close to or even inside a sign or an other objects, that is already at the wall for a long time or at least looks very unsuspicious at that wall. Make sure the camera signal can be received on your surveillance monitor.

Night Vision Security Camera provide 24 hours video surveillance via infrared technology and black-and-white images. Wireless Mini Spy Cameras are also available with special infrared systems, but ranges are mostly limited to a few meters.

Top Mini Wireless Spy Cams can be hidden in cigarette packs and can be places very unsuspicious in book selves, on sideboards or side tables. Even inside a functioning pen a wireless spy camera is available. Such a Spy Pen is able to send surveillance audio and video in color images to a receiver 100 meters away. You can place a spy pen just on someone's desk in between other pens, in the pocket of your jacket or shirt, or just use it as a pen and keep it directed to the surveillance object to record security evidence. The usage of wireless spy cameras is effectively and the advantage to increase home security is endless. But last not least be aware of the legal position on observing with spy cams, because each country has its own jurisdiction on how to operate surveillance technology.

Mini Spy Cameras | Mini Wireless Spy Camera

Surveillance Mini Spy Cameras - effective low cost home protection

  • Wireless Mini Spy Cameras - can be hidden in / behind nearly any object
  • Mini Security Camera - available inside flowerpots, frames, clocks, toys,...
  • Spy Pen - observation brings you closest to the surveillance object
  • Pinhole Spy Cameras - the smallest solution with quick 'n easy installation
  • Micro Wireless Spy Cams - ready to be hidden in a cigarette pack
  • Mini Wireless Spy Cameras - effective home security and home surveillance
  • Access Mini Spy Cams over the internet with your laptop from anywhere

How to install a Wireless Mini Spy Camera in 4 steps:

Mini Wireless Spy Cameras | Wireless Mini Spy Camera

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Mini Wireless Spy Cameras | Wireless Mini Spy Camera