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Night Vision Security Cameras

For surveillance of entrance areas, company sites, offices or your property at home during day and night you can find numerous camera models of infrared Night Vision Security Cameras. Representatives for home security systems offer weatherproof outdoor infrared cameras with multi-cable as well as day and night Wireless Security Cameras that trigger an alarm, lighting or start recording. During daytime these night vision security cameras provide high-resolution colour images and during surveillance in darkness they show all movements in black-and white pictures or video, ready to record.

Night Security Camera | Security by infrared Surveillance

Thanks to infrared-LED technology a night security camera is able to monitor in darkness. Infrared Surveillance shows all night scenes in black-and white, similar to night vision glasses and other outdoor equipment. Night security cameras monitor indoor and outdoor movements.

Night Vision Security Camera with 12 Infrared-LED

The range of small outdoor night cameras covers 7 - 15 meters, professional security systems with cable connections can cover up to 30 meters. For hidden installation and infrared surveillance there are various Mini Security Cameras available. You have the choice to record long scenes by video of day and night surveillances or just single pictures taken during different intervals from seconds or minutes.

For permanent video surveillance outside most cameras are protected by water resistant and weatherproof casing, made from metal or aluminium.

Modern infrared surveillance technology increases the security of your home and helps to protect your property. Surveillance via infrared security cameras provides deterrence against burglaries and other invasions.

A professional Full Color Day and Night Security Camera Set normally includes 4 cameras and a central receiver. Besides that audio features and remote control should be included, so you can access all cameras simultaneously or select one spot for closer surveillance.

With special security camera software it is very easy to install simultaneous observation on your home computer or surveillance monitor. Even TFT-monitors, TV-screens, or monitors with audio/video features can show you any protected site during day and night. Integrated interval functions either switch all 5-6 seconds to a different camera or let you monitor all surveillance sites on a single overview screen. Security camera positions are infinitely variable, so you can observe a wide range of your property.

Night vision security cameras with Infrared Technology are the best choice for far distanced home areas and premises, that are less lightened or lie in the shadow. Using night security cameras as web cam with audio features, gives you the opportunity to have an eye on your home from every place with internet access.

Night Vision Security Cameras | Infrared Camera changes night to day

Night Infrared Security Cameras  : Price range of cheap security cameras

  • Wireless Mini-Night camera (Infrared Camera)
  • ca. 5 x 5 x 6 cm / 1.9 x 1.9 x 2.4 in
  • starts at US$ 100.-
  • Night Vision Security Camera with cable connection
  • ca. 4 x 4 x 11 cm / 1.6 x 1.6 x 4.3 in
  • starts at US$ 60.-
Night Vision Security Cameras with Video Surveillance

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