How to protect Doors and Entrances against Burglars ?

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Doors and entrances need protection against home invasion

If anyone is planning on breaking into your home, the logical first place for them to enter is through the doors. Even if they get through a window to gain access, they're likely going to try to exit the house, with your belongings, through one of the main doors.

Home door security is the front line on the war against burglary

Home door security is the front line on the war against burglary and home invasion. Fortunately, there are any number of forces you can muster in this struggle. To start with, consider the strength of the door itself.

Most burglars are not of the "cat burglar" type seen in films. In fact, if anyone ever picks your front door lock open, they're likely a locksmith you've hired for the service. Burglars usually prefer the direct approach: They just kick the door in.

Home door security provides protection against home invasion

Aside from quality locks and deadbolts, you may want to consider installing a burglar door bar. These devices work by bracing the door from the interior side. It has the effect of distributing the force of a kick across a wider area, thereby making it extremely difficult to kick in a door.

In fact, if a burglar were to completely remove the locking hardware from the door by force, there is still no guarantee they could push the door open with one of these devices bracing it.

Of course, these devices can only be used on all the doors when someone is home to disengage them from the inside, but having one on backdoors and garage doors which are frequently located in areas that are not in direct sight can prevent the unpleasant surprise of hearing your back door getting kicked in when you're at home; definitely even more frightening than having it happen when you're gone.

Additionally, you can stop burglar tactics by installing a door alarm which will go off as soon as the door is opened, whether by kick or by pick, by anyone without the knowledge of how to disarm the device. A door alarm can be part of an overall security system or it can be one of the less-expensive models that mount to the door itself and simply set off a loud electronic siren when triggered. Between the noise of taking down the door and the noise generated by the alarm, you've equipped your house with a powerful theft deterrent system. Besides security doors and protecting bars at entrances, you should also consider how to secure windows for private homes and especially how to secure basement windows, which often provide an easy entrance for intruders. For heavily-guarded areas a more sensitive security doors with access control by fingerprint scanning is advisable. This most modern security technology isn't common standard for private home doors - "yet", but within a few years the benefits of biometric technologies might even reach residential homes.

Home door security goes deeper than that, though. Make sure you have a peephole on the door or a chain that will allow you to open the door without completely disengaging all the locking devices. A door chain won't hold up to a hard kick, but it's better than nothing. A peephole is vastly superior in that it allows you to approach the door and see who's outside without them knowing you're there. Make sure the lens in your peephole eliminates blind spots in your view of the entryway and do not make blind spots by putting concealing objects such as plants near the door.

Other vital precautions are to install monitoring home security systems that can increase safety at home and - in case of an burglary - to have recorded prove that can be a powerful resource for law enforcement. Also the installation of a security safe can reduce the loss of valuable items and be an efficient protection against burglary. Although we suggest to let professional security personal set up all your home security installations and surveillance systems, there are some basic diy home security precautions that help to increase security around your house so intruders cannot find undetected corners near the house.

Security doors and other efficient precautions to stop burglary

Information home door bars and security doors Pay attention to the strength of your home door itself

  • lock your door twice whenever you leave the house
  • use security locks that cannot be broken or bored open
  • check the door's strength itself and its framing
  • replace simple, old home doors with new security doors
  • install solid burglar door bars
  • door alarms provide additional safety
  • door chains that let you open the door just a little bit can be useful
  • a peephole on the door let you see who's coming without opening the door
Door alarms and burglar door bars will stop burglars

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