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Effective Home Security Systems

Because it is the single most valuable thing you own, having effective means of protecting your home is a priority for any responsible homeowner. Providing your home with effective security starts with having the right equipment for the job. With the increase in reliable, affordable technology in the last few decades, may homeowners have started to employ complex electronic security devices in an effort to keep their houses safe.

How to provide effective Home Security

Home security alarm systems have become a multi-billion dollar industry, with a particularly high amount of growth in the last ten years.

The companies that provide security to large-scale operations such as banks and industrial facilities almost universally offer a residential alarm system for homeowners as part of their businesses.

These alarm systems and even tiny wireless mini cameras and day and night ccd security cameras are typically monitored by the security company from whom they were purchased on a monthly subscription arrangement that costs about the same as broadband Internet service.

These alarms are an intrinsic part of any effective home security plan. They are small enough to not interfere with the looks of the house and they are extremely hard to bypass when installed properly.

A residential alarm system can monitor for more than intrusion. Many of them can monitor for dangerous carbon monoxide levels, can be set up so that they page the monitoring service in the event that a fire alarm is set off and can monitor the interior temperature of the house so that seasonal dangers such as frozen pipes or other potential disasters that may damage property can be headed off before they fully manifest. Home security means more than keeping out burglars, sometimes it also encompasses protecting your possessions and your dwelling against the elements.

Home Security and Home Automation

Protecting your home is a priority for any responsible homeowner

The habits that make up any effective home security plan are sometimes harder to implement than the electronic and physical access control devices. Home security and automation have come to be used in a synergistic way. In home security applications automation may be used for tasks such as turning on lights in the house after dark, to give would-be intruders the impression that there is someone home when the house is empty. Likewise, if an intruder alarm is set off, a video and audio recording device, or devices, can be set to start recording what transpires, which can potentially help convict those guilty of the crimes.

On that note, home security video surveillance has become more and more popular along with the other options available to homeowners. Aside from the deterrent effect that seeing a camera tends to have on thieves, it ensures that a guard, at least an electronic one, is on duty at all times. A video camera monitoring an otherwise hidden location, such as a backyard or garage, can alert homeowners to an intrusion before it happens. Many modern video surveillance cameras have infrared capabilities, as well, which means that hiding under the cover of darkness is no longer an option for thieves.

Because of ever-declining costs and technological improvements, effectively securing your home has become easier than ever.

Proper precautions can provide effective home security


  • create an inventory list of your expensive furniture and art works
  • take photographs of precious items
  • store valuables in a safe at home or in a safe deposit at your bank
  • don't plant climbing plants at the house which provide a ladder for intruders

Protection and deterrence:

  • install a hidden security safe at home
  • install safety doors, door alarms and safety windows
  • protect your home by installing residential alarm systems
  • install visible home security video surveillance and (or dummy cameras)

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