How to secure Windows for private Homes ?

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Burglar proof windows: High quality window materials & safety glass

A window is not only what enables one to look out at the landscape, yard or neighborhood; it's also part of the feel and overall aesthetic of the house. When considering new windows for your home, or improvements to existing windows, their ability to keep unwanted visitors out should factor into your decision.

A basic window consists of two parts: the material that enables visibility and the frame which typically allows the window to be opened and closed. For a burglar, cheap window materials used in the construction of either are an opportunity.

Precautions using window locks, security bars and intruder alarms

The first step in considering home window security should be obvious: How does one make glass harder to break? Is there any such thing as a burglar proof window?

Today, there are several materials that give homeowners better options than simple glass windows. Tempered glass, which is strengthened by a cooling process added to the manufacturing routine, is several times stronger than ordinary glass and, thus, much harder to break. Laminated glass makes use of a layer of plastic or similar material between two layers of glass.

Security windows increase home safety and protection against intrusion

Breaking one of these windows yields a result similar to trying to break a car's windshield: A great deal of force will only knock out a small piece of glass, with most of the force simply "spider-webbing" the glass around the small hole. For the highest security concerns, glass that contains wires within it is great deterrent in addition to being extremely difficult to penetrate. When considering reinforced windows, however, remember that any window on a second or higher floor must be able to be used as an emergency fire escape. Good security means being able to get out of your house in an emergency situation, not just being able to keep others from getting in.

The frame into which the window is set is another factor, which depends upon the quality of the frame itself, the means by which it's opened and the locking hardware used to keep it from moving. A high quality lock or a high-security add-on such as a burglar window bar is your best defense against someone simply sliding the window open. Window bars can either be solid devices that prevent a window from being slid open or a secondary device, usually made of several bars and a lock, that mount to the outside of the house, inhibiting any access to the window itself. Another vital aspect is how to secure basement windows, which are a well known and easy target for intruders and how simple diy home security can already increase safety near ground level doors and basement windows. How to protect doors and entrances against burglars with bars and door alarms is the next precaution you should consider after securing your home's windows.

When all of the physical barriers fail, however, an intruder alarm affixed to a window is the best defense. A window alarm is generally set to trip under two conditions: the window glass itself is broken or the window is opened while the alarm is armed. In either case, the siren that sounds when the alarm is tripped is a powerful deterrent. Whether or not anyone is home, a burglar has completely lost their stealth advantage and they know that the alarm company is sure to call police to the scene immediately.

The installation of monitoring home security technology is another possibility to provide efficient protection against burglary and gain recorded proof of the committed criminal act. The installation of a security safe is of course the best way to secure precious documents, cash, jewelry, or valuable metals, that can be stored in a hidden wall safe.

Security windows increase safety at home and protection against intrusion

Vital information for yor home window security Home window security tips and high-security add-ons

  • install a strong window frame well anchored in the wall
  • choose solid window materials
  • windows should have a high quality lock
  • window bars make burglary and intrusion nearly impossible
  • install additional iron barriers to basement windows
  • an intruder alarm takes the burglar's stealth advantage
  • rolling doors provide highest security for warehouse windows
Take precautions with window locks, security bars and intruder alarms

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Precautions for home window security using window locks, security bars and intruder alarms